The Best Makeup for Hot & Humid Weather 💦


Let’s face it, folks: We all know what a struggle it can be to find makeup that actually holds up in the summer when heat and humidity are out of control. After all, the near-constant sweating we're doing coupled with aggressively humid air is basically a recipe for disaster (see: a major makeup meltdown). We have some good news for you though. So long as you use the right products — and steer clear of certain formulas! — it is in fact possible to beat the heat and keep your makeup looking top-notch all day. 

Here, we’re sharing some of the best makeup for humid weather — plus, the formulas you should avoid at all costs when it feels subtropical out. 

Skin Prep:

Before you reach for your makeup bag, you want to ensure your skin's water-to-oil ratio is balanced so that you're not over-producing sebum on top of dealing with sweat and humidity. We're a fan of using fermented ingredients, such as probiotics, to achieve an optimal balance. 


When it comes to foundation, you want to avoid any overly creamy or balm-like formulas as they’re often thicker in consistency and can feel uncomfortably heavy on the skin when temps are sweltering. Plus, many of them tend to melt and move around a lot as soon as we start sweating or when it’s ultra-humid out. Instead, try aiming for a waterproof and/or sweat-resistant liquid foundation or lightweight skin tint that contains oil absorbers, which can help prevent the formula from breaking down due to sweat, oil, and excess humidity in the air. 

On the flip side, if powders are more your jam, consider trying Bare Minerals’ Original Loose Powder Foundation — a product our founder Fiona Co Chan reaches for on super humid days because it never oxidizes (turns orange) or melts. "It's also one of the lightest powder foundation formulas I've ever found," she says. On top of that, Chan strongly advises wearing a primer to protect your foundation from oxidizing, which often occurs when your own sebum interacts with the pigments found in base makeup. 


During the summertime, it’s best to stick to lightweight, non-powder formulas that won’t break down, get cakey, or clog your pores when it’s scorching and humid out. Shameless plug, but, our BYO Blush Oil is an ideal option for a few different reasons:

  • It's a dry oil formula that never feels heavy or greasy on the skin
  • Unlike creamier textures, it doesn't melt in the heat
  • It's featherlight and feels like you're wearing nothing
  • It dries on the skin quickly + adheres well, so even when you sweat it stays put
  • All of the ingredients are non-comedogenic + won't clog pores


While you may not have to worry about your lipstick getting streaky, cakey or melting down your face by mid-day, you should try to stick to moisturizing formulas because our lips are naturally thinner and drier than the rest of our skin and therefore need extra hydration. Naturally, we recommend trying our Dewy Glosses as they're loaded with nourishing plant-based oils that hydrate and protect the lips so they stay supple and smooth — regardless of what the weather's like.

Curious to see how BYO Blush holds up in humidity vs. liquid blush? Watch Fiona put it to the test, below. 

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