At Youthforia, we believe that makeup is an extension of your skincare - and we’re innovating with makeup you can sleep in. We love the mix of elevated playfulness, and high quality unique formulas. A dose of fun without compromising on performance, or skin health.

Youthforia is universal. It’s the moments of utter bliss in your adult life that remind of your childhood joy. Your first lip gloss. Getting a case of the giggles. Like if confetti was a feeling.

That’s how how we want to make you feel with every product, every time. ✨



We are a clean and sustainable makeup company with skin-friendly ingredients. We test all of our makeup by sleeping in it.

Using plant-based synthetics to achieve the luxurious textures and high performance we want while offering nutritionally-dense and BioBased formulas to improve your skin with every wear.

Our products are powerful multi-taskers, not only do they make you look and feel beautiful, they’re high-quality treatments for your skin.



Youthforia was founded with the goal of creating a safe space where individual beauty could be celebrated, and that people can be true to themselves. Providing inclusive products is 100% aligned with our foundational beliefs.

Over the last year, we expanded our shade range based on feedback from the Youthforia community. Inclusion is a lifelong pursuit, and we are continuing to listen to community members and industry experts to help drive meaningful change across our industry. 

In line with our commitment, we are creating a new position internally dedicated to examining all products in our development pipeline before the official launch to best meet our customers’ needs.