Glamorous All Night: Youthforia's Makeup You Can Sleep in for the Ultimate New Year's Eve Party Look

As the countdown to the New Year begins, so does the excitement of planning the perfect New Year's Eve celebration. Whether you're attending a fancy soiree or hosting an intimate gathering, one thing's for sure—your New Year’s Eve makeup should be fun and, of course, a glamorous party look. Enter Youthforia, the beauty brand that's redefining sleep-friendly glamour with makeup you can sleep in. Get ready to turn heads and dance the night away with flawless, long-lasting makeup that requires minimal effort and maximum impact.


When it comes to creating a show-stopping New Year's Eve makeup look, Youthforia's long-lasting makeup is your secret weapon. Their commitment to effortless beauty has given rise to a range of products designed to withstand the test of time—literally.


Let's dive into the essentials that will have you looking glamorous all night and into the early hours of the New Year.


Pregame Primer

A good primer is key when it comes to long-lasting makeup, especially for your New Year’s Eve makeup! This daily protective primer holds your makeup in place, using expensive, silicone-free texturing ingredients to help diminish the appearance of fine lines for a smooth makeup application.


Date Night Skin Tint Serum Foundation

If you end up partying the night away (literally) and forget to wash off your New Year’s Eve makeup, don’t fret. You can actually SLEEP in this first of its kind skin tint serum foundation! Formulated with luxurious texturizing ingredients, packed with 68% skincare actives, and a patented tannin complex allows the foundation to melt into skin for a glass skin finish, all while controlling sebum for effortless, every day, long-lasting wear.


BYO Blush

Every New Year’s Eve makeup looks needs a pop of color. Our BYO Blush is the world’s first color-changing blush oil that reacts to your skin’s pH, giving you the perfect flush. Made with 20 skin-friendly, plant-based ingredients, this blush acts as a treatment for your cheeks and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines.


Dewy Gloss

Formulated in five shades, this hydrating lip gloss and lip oil hybrid will finish off your glamorous party look with a fun pop of color.


Pregame Setting Spray

Complete your New Year's Eve makeup masterpiece with the Pregame Setting Spray. This skin moisturizing serum setting spray creates a thin, flexible layer that allows makeup to adhere to skin and prevent harmful pollutants from sticking to the skin. This magic mist locks in your makeup, keeping it fresh and fabulous throughout the night.


This New Year's Eve, leave behind the stress of constant touch-ups and embrace sleep-friendly glamour. With these essentials, you'll be ready to dance, toast, and celebrate the arrival of the new year without a second thought about your makeup. Embrace the glamour, shine bright, and welcome 2024 with a look that's as unforgettable as the night itself. Cheers to a glamorous New Year's Eve and a dazzling year ahead!



Written by: Jamie Stone