How to Get Sun-Kissed Looking Skin Using BYO Blush

Looking to get a gorgeous sun-kissed glow this summer, sans the pesky sun damage? If so, you’re in luck, because it happens to be one of our all-time favorite looks to do during the summertime — and as you’ll see, it can be achieved using solely our color-changing BYO Blush Oil. It’s true, folks: Because the formula is so featherlight and glowy, it looks incredibly natural on the skin and mimics a real flush, which is key when creating a sun-kissed effect as ultimately you want that "no-makeup makeup" feel.

Here, with insight from Youthforia’s Abigale Coleman, we’re breaking down exactly how to score sun-kissed-looking skin using our best-selling BYO Blush

Getting Sun-Kissed Skin With BYO

BYO Blush is the perfect cherry on top of summer sun-kissed skin because it mimics the look of a slight sunburn,” explains Coleman. “I would of course never ever advocate for purposefully burning your precious skin, but I do love faking the look of a sunburn with blush, and BYO is perfect for this, especially because it leaves the skin with a slightly dewy, ‘lived in’ finish.” 

As far as execution is concerned, Coleman says her favorite way to achieve a faux sunburn with BYO is by simply applying a few dots to areas on her face where the sun naturally hits — like on the bridge of her nose, the tops of her cheeks, and even on her eyelids, forehead, and the center of her chin. By adding a touch of color all over, it creates a cohesive effect that makes everything appear super-natural and more realistic-looking. You know, like you actually spent the day at the beach and accidentally got a little sunburned (hey, we've all been there).  

abigale with sunkissed skin

A step-by-step guide to sun-kissed skin

  1. Prep the skin with moisturizer, sunscreen, and your favorite pore-friendly primer.
  2. If you fancy some coverage, apply your go-to base, whether it be a skin tint, foundation, or tinted moisturizer.
  3. Apply BYO Blush on the tops of your cheeks right underneath your eyes where the sun naturally hits — then do the same to the bridge of your nose and the center of your forehead, as well as your eyelids and chin. Just a dot in each area will do! 
  4. Blend out the weightless formula using your fingers or our über-soft, latex-free Bullet Sponge
  5. Add a touch of BYO to your lips to tie everything together. 
Done reading? Try BYO for yourself this summer. Shop it here. ☀️