Applying foundation can be easy, but getting it to stay seamless can be hard.  

Despite looking silky smooth on application, after a few hours foundation can start creasing faster than a load of laundry that you left in the dryer. 

So what’s the secret to staying seamless all day long? It all comes down to hydration and the type of formulas you use.

Here are some tips to keep your foundation looking smooth and crease-free:

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

  • A common cause of foundation creasing is due to a lack of hydration on the skin. This means that it’s crucial to give the skin adequate hydration before you apply your base. Toners are a great way to load up on moisture without feeling heavy on the skin. Double check that your face cleanser isn’t working against you and stripping your skin of additional moisture (our Night Off Cleanser is pH balanced so it doesn’t strip skin if you’re on the hunt for a new cleanser!)

    It’s not enough to just add moisture, you have to make sure it lasts. Despite adding moisture, the skin can lose it due to TEWL (aka transepidermal water loss). TEWL is the amount of water that evaporates off of the skin/out of the skin’s moisture barrier. To make sure you’re retaining all of the moisture you add, try adding a protective layer at the end of your skincare routine to make sure the hydration is locked in and safe from TEWL. Our Pregame Primer has an emollient formula that helps to lock in moisture so you can stay hydrated all day long (whether you’re wearing foundation or not!)

  • Skip the silicones

  • A majority of primers on the market are silicone based. Silicone became a popular primer base because of its pore filling and blurring properties. While this may give you an airbrushed look upon application, it’s not going to help your makeup hold up for the day. Silicone has rigid molecules, like this:

    This rigid molecular structure doesn’t allow your movement. Normal facial movements (like smiling, laughing, talking, etc) are going to lead to creasing because a silicone primer won’t be flexible enough to handle these kind of movements.

    Instead look for a primer that doesn’t have silicones. Pregame Primer uses elastomers instead of silicones. They have a more flexible structure that expands and contracts, like this:

    This gives your foundation a flexible base to move along with your facial movements (like how spanx stretch and move with your body!) 

  • Pass on powder

  • Setting your makeup is a good way to stop your foundation from creasing. When it comes to a powder or a setting spray, we recommend leaning towards a spray. More times than not, powders can tend to pill and settle in lines, further emphasizing any creasing. With a setting spray, you give your foundation more flexibility to move with your face throughout the day. Our Pregame Setting Spray not only sets makeup for all day creaseless wear, but it’s loaded with glycerin (a hydration hero) so you can give your skin even more moisture to keep the creasing at bay.


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    If your foundation has been serving you a crease and desist it’s time to give some of these tips a try!