Makeup Tips I Learned in Asia

Fiona here, sharing with you the BEST tips I learned from makeup school in Asia. For you to save, share and buff your very best base - always. ⁠

Blend blend blend!! 🖌️⁠
Makeup used to be very intimidating to me because I didn't understand why things didn't look perfect the first time around. In makeup school, I learned the importance of blending! For every color you're using, you want 2 makeup brushes: one to apply pigment and one clean one to blend it out. Blending brushes are your best friends!!⁠

Pilling 🍰⁠
It's actually extremely hard to predict what will and won't pill. I've used the same combination of skincare and makeup products on different people and for some people, it'll pill and for some, it won't. If your products pill, I wouldn't stress too much about it. I learned to just take a big fluffy brush and sweep it away.⁠

Color theory 🌈⁠
I'm ob-sessed with color theory, knowing the basics of color theory makes it really easy to get into color in a wearable way. Google a color wheel - the very basics are: (1) you can do a tonal look so pick 3 shades that are all next to each other (2) pick 2 colors opposite each other on the color wheel (3) pick 3 colors spaced evenly apart. Then, have fun ofc!⁠

Makeup for lighting 🔦⁠
One thing I love about doing makeup is makeup for specific lighting. If you're filming for an iPhone camera, it undersaturates reds (who knew!) so you'll want to add more red in just for the video/photo.⁠

Face prep 🥵⁠
A clean face before applying makeup, face prep with a good moisturizing cream and always use a primer! This helps protect skin from makeup - and when doing makeup on other people, we also want to make sure we're not irritating their skin and its hard to know, so it's really important to prime the skin with a protective layer).⁠

What other makeup tips would you find useful? 🙋‍♀️