How to Master This Viral Blush Technique

Earlier this year, a makeup trend known as "underpainting" started circulating on TikTok, and it eventually reached viral status. For anyone still unfamiliar, underpainting is the process of applying some of your makeup — specifically blush, bronzer, and highlighter — before foundation. (Or underneath it, hence where it gets its name.)

The interesting technique gained major popularity as myriad content creators claim it leaves their makeup looking even more flawless than the traditional foundation-first method. Of course, we had to try the trend out for ourselves to find out if it's actually worth the hype and better than the original application tactic. 

We had our founder, Fiona Co Chan, put the trend to the test using BYO Blush — a.k.a. the world's first color-changing blush oil. You can watch her work in action via the TikTok below (throw us a follow while you're at it). Additionally, she shared her thoughts on the technique, along with her tips for mastering it at home.

"You can treat the blush underpainting as a contour or color corrector to what goes on top of your foundation," says Chan. "For it to look natural, definitely pay attention to the texture of the blush that you're using. An oil consistency like BYO Blush would work well for this because it melts into your skin quickly, whereas a cream blush that's thicker than your foundation can highlight uneven texture and make your foundation slip."

How to Nail Underpainting in Three Steps:

  1. Apply BYO Blush to your cheeks and nose using a brush, fingers, or a beauty sponge.
  2. Add a light layer of foundation on top, and blend well, focusing on the areas where you want the most coverage. 
  3. Apply a translucent setting powder to lock everything in. 



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