What are Youthforia's Values and Why They're Important To Us

Here's our values at Youthforia. These set of values were really important for me to define early on in the company's life because it not only sets the tone in how we operate as a company, but also how we interact with our partners, our customers and our community.

What we believe in


When it kinda feels like every brand is trying to make you hustle harder, get more done, care about everything every second of every day, we want to bring life back to feeling like it’s alright to have fun for once instead of worrying. Fun’s fun. Why aren’t more people having it?


Why isn’t everything like Disneyland? Why don’t we have more childlike wonder in everyday-life? We want people to embrace their inner-child and stop worrying about having their shit together 24/7. It’s okay to play, collect, be curious, remember what it’s like to be a kid for a quick minute.

Being Real 

We believe in being real. We’re not codeswitching to suit other people. We believe that being true to who you are, regardless of what the world wants from you, is the realest way to be happy. Ask for what you want. Don’t people-please. Be you, whoever you want that to be.

High Quality 

It’s important to us to not compromise on quality — in both our product and our packaging. If we’re going to produce plastic, we want it to be something people can keep. And if we’re going to make skin products, you’d better believe they’re going to be safe. No carcinogens, no hormone-disruptors.