3 Ways To Protect Your Skin While Traveling

Traveling is good for the soul but it can wreak havoc on your skin. Long hours spent in crowded airports, dry air on planes, and switching to different climates can really put your skin through the ringer.

Here are some ways to keep your skin happy and healthy while you’re en route.

1) Keep your circadian rhythm in balance

When you think of circadian rhythm sleeping probably comes to mind, but did you know your skin has a circadian rhythm too? Just like how jet lag affects your overall mood and feeling, your skin also feels the effects of jet lag (usually characterized by dull, dry skin). Your skin has blue light receptors that are easily thrown off balance when you’re traveling. One way to help maintain a balanced circadian rhythm is to protect against blue light and environmental aggressors. Pregame Primer is formulated with a patented BlueShield ingredient that helps to protect your skin’s blue light receptors and keeps your skin’s circadian system in balance.


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2) Stay Hydrated

You know how when you get off of a plane your skin feels dry and tight? That’s because planes use dry, low-moisture air to keep the cabin pressurized. While that air is great for breathing, it doesn’t help your skin. Keeping a hydrating, refresher spray on hand while you travel will help keep your skin fresh and retain as much moisture as possible. Pregame Setting Spray is formulated with 10% glycerin (which is more than most hydrating serums have!) to give your skin a wave of moisture and keep your makeup set for long-wear. Plus it’s alcohol-free so you can avoid any extra drying!


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3) Keep a clean slate

Makeup, dirt, and sunscreen, oh my! Your skin puts up with a lot of layers while traveling, some intentional (like makeup and sunscreen) and some unintentional (like dirt and environmental pollutants). All these layers can have a negative impact on the skin if left on for too long. Night Off Face Wash gives skin a powerful cleanse to remove makeup, dirt, and sunscreen, while still being gentle enough to avoid stripping or drying out skin. It also has real green tea leaves that gently exfoliate the skin, so you can have baby soft skin after every wash!



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The best part about all these trusty travel companions? They’re all within TSA regulations! Next time you have a trip coming up add this travel trio to your carry-on so your skin can enjoy the vacation too.