Are you experiencing skin issues? Pregame Primer is good for all situational skin types

Find out below if you're experiencing any of the most common skin problems:

1. A feeling of skin tightness, itchiness, flaking skin or fine lines. You might be experiencing Dry Skin. Often temporary or seasonal (you might get it it in autumn or winter only for example), the best way to treat it is to help your skin retain moisture.

✅ Pregame Primer: Emollient formula helps seal in your skincare so that you have smooth hydrated canvass to apply your makeup on top of.. think of this as daytime slugging.

2. Appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or sallow looking skin. If you experience cakey looking makeup that doesn't give you a smooth finish, chances are you fit in the Mature Skin category.

Pregame Primer: Primer is a great texture adjuster - made with these micro stretchy molecules - this can transform any cakey foundation into a wonderful texture that's more skin-like!

3. Shiny, thick or rough looking skin. Very large pores, occasional or persistent pimples, clogged pores or blackheads. If any of those sound all too familiar, chance are you're experiencing Oily Skin issues, which are mostly connected to your sebaceous glands producing too much sebum (the waxy, oily substance that protects and hydrates the skin).

Pregame Primer: Formulated with our Sebum Control Complex to extend the wear of your makeup. Sebum is the enemy of makeup and responsible for dissolving your makeup, leaving patchy makeup.

4. Textured Skin. Interestingly, textured skin is as common as uneven skin tone, yet it is not talked about enough. A textured surface feels rough and bumpy to touch, making your skin look dull overall. Most people who have textured skin usually see it as their natural skin, but there are ways to deal with it.

 Pregame Primer: Primer is made with silicone free - plant based elastomers. Think of these as stretchy molecules that flex to your face so your makeup doesn't look cakey when you smile!

5. Do you find you often experience stinging, burning, itchiness, redness, or tightness on your skin? Do you feel like your skin feels uncomfortable easily, especially after applying any product to it? It's likely because you have Sensitive Skin.

Pregame Primer: Created by someone with sensitive skin, our primer is chock full of our calming Skin Save Complex, a patented ingredient that reduces redness and itchiness at the skin's neurosensory level.⁠ Made with non-comedogenic ingredients, Pregame Primer acts as a protective barrier so pore clogging ingredients in makeup aren't touching your pores directly.


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