Are You Traveling for Memorial Day Weekend? You're Gonna Want to Read This...

Are you planning to travel this Memorial Day weekend? Jet lag and the exposure to screens and electronic devices can take a toll on your skin. However, with our Pregame Primer, you can protect your skin and combat jet lag like never before.

The circadian rhythm of your skin is the natural day-night cycle that signals to skin cells when to perform their various functions. During the day, your skin focuses on protecting itself against external aggressors like pollution and UV rays. At night, it repairs and rejuvenates. However, when you travel across time zones, your skin's natural rhythm is disrupted, leading to fatigue, dullness, and other signs of stress.

That's where our Pregame Primer comes in. It contains Blueshield, which protects your skin against blue light and digital pollution. This is crucial for traveling and staying in-tune with your skin's circadian rhythm. Using Pregame Primer acts as a barrier to lock in your skincare and keep the other stuff out! It's like daytime slugging without the heavy, clogged feeling.

Pregame Primer works with the natural rhythm of your skin to protect it from the harsh effects of travel and electronic devices. You can take control of your skin's health, even when traveling. So, pack it in your carry-on and enjoy your trip without worrying about the damage to your skin.

Tip from our founder: When traveling your skin can feel very sluggish. I do a lot of lymphatic message on my face when I'm traveling to help with blood circulation to keep my skin feeling plump!


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