Best Primer For Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a tricky to navigate beast when it comes to primer. Overactive oil glands are always robbing you of a desired radiant finish and making blotting papers a handbag must-have. 

Add to that the likelihood that glowy can turn to greasy really quick when oily or combo skin is involved. But we’re here to share a protective primer that tackles the oiliest of faces with ease.

Enter: Pregame Primer.

A water-based wonder that is formulated for no-makeup days and glam days alike. A no-need-for-powder evening power and a whole lot of skincare actives make it especially great for oily skin. Why?

Sebum Control Complex:

Your makeup needs protection from your skin’s oils too. What can often happen is your foundation oxidizes when it hits your skin, resulting in the questionable color of your previously perfect shade. And that’s exactly why we included a complex that helps do just that, creating a barrier between your skin’s oils and your makeup. The result is a protective primer that behaves like a skincare serum and makeup that doesn’t move.


The patented ingredient is all about putting your skin first. It works on your skin’s neurosensory level to relieve the appearance of sensitivity and/or redness, and when your skin is chilling out (the technical term) it’s a better base. Even, smooth and ready to go. Or if you’re wearing makeup, one less layer to aggravate your skin and melt off in usual oily-skin fashion.

Radiant Finish not Dewy 

We love the dewy dumplings energy (coined by the ever brilliant Nam Vo) but sometimes we want radiance, not bordering on greaseball. Enter: Pregame Primer’s radiant finish. A dazzling golden hue on the skin, even complexion and the perfect dose of hydration. The result? An oily-skin friendly primer finish that doesn’t require multiple trips to the bathroom an hour.

And oh did we mention it’s non-comedogenic? We did now. Pore-filling can often mean pore-clogging when it comes to primers. And though you might look smooth for the night, it can throw your skin out of balance in the process. Which can cause more oil, sometimes with a side of dehydration deep beneath it. No thank you.

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