How to Apply Lip Gloss for The Best Results 

Ok, let's get one thing straight: In reality, there's really no right or wrong way of doing things when it comes to how to apply lip gloss. You can do whatever makes you feel best, because that's obviously all that matters. That being said, if you're interested in learning how to apply lip gloss for, like, *the* best results ever, well then just keep on reading. Because we consulted New York City-based makeup artist Elisa Flowers for her top tips. 

1. Prime Time

"Start by sloughing off any dry skin on the lips ahead of time with a damp washcloth, a sugar scrub, or a damp wet cotton swab," advises Flowers. She then says to scrub gently back and forth—or in small circular motions—until lips look hydrated, smooth, and soft.

By removing excess dead skin buildup, you're creating an ideal canvas for your gloss to sit on top of. It'll look smoother, shinier, and won't get stuck in any flakes or chapped areas of the lips. 

2. Prep Time

The color intensity of lip gloss can be made richer and longer lasting by applying a colored base, explains Flowers. "This can be achieved by applying a lip liner or lipstick before applying your lip gloss," she says. "The color can be a nude, brown, or even a bright color."

Another pro tip from Flowers: Be careful about rubbing the lips together a lot, especially if you're wearing a bright or intense color, because it may show up over the lip line and can look messy. "The darker or brighter the color, the more the lip gloss will show if it has traveled outside the lip line," she explains. If the lip gloss spreads unevenly, she suggests simply wiping the edges clean with a tissue. 

model wearing pink makeup

3. Application Advice

"Lip gloss can be applied with a lip brush, the applicator it came with, straight from the tube, or even with clean fingertips," says Flowers. "I recommend applying lip gloss when the lips are stretched into a taut smile, creating a tight surface for an easier application."

  1. Start by adding a dab of gloss, such as Youthforia's Dewy Gloss in Play With Fire, to the center of the lips—then swipe back and forth toward the outer corners, keeping the gloss inside the lip line.
  2. Press the bottom lip into the top lip to distribute the product, then apply a bit more gloss with your favorite applicator below the edges of the top lip and inside the edges of bottom lip.
  3. Don't apply gloss over the lips edge because the heat of the skin will cause the product to continue to spread around, creating messy edges and a ~sticky situation. 

dewy glosses on a blue green background

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