What Is a Blush Oil? Plus, What Makes Our BYO Blush Oil Different

Look, blush is beautiful in any form—powder, liquid, cream, you name it. Here at Youthforia though, we're partial to blush oil because of how natural and luminous it looks on the skin. That, and we adore how barely-there a blush oil feels after you apply it. In fact, it truly feels like you're wearing nothing at all. 

Of course, we can't not mention the blush oil that we created: BYO BLUSH, which is the world's first-ever color-changing blush oil that reacts to the pH of your skin and changes colors depending on who's wearing it. Pretty rad, right? It's fragrance-free, silicone-free, and made with skin-loving ingredients (even those with acne-prone skin can use it)! Oh, and it's super buildable, too.

What Is a Blush Oil? 

In the simplest of terms, blush oil is what it sounds like: an oil that adds color and radiance to your cheeks. While some brands infuse oils with colorful pigments and dyes, we instead created a formula that reacts to the pH of your skin, so it goes on clear and gives everyone a unique flush. For some, it's a cool pink hue, while for others it shows up orange, coral, and poppy red. 

three models wearing byo blush

How Does a Blush Oil Compare to Other Formulas?

Compared to powder, blush oil is lighter on the skin and way more forgiving when it comes to texture such as acne scarring. It's non-drying, never looks cakey, and works beautifully over any type of foundation (yes, you read that right). Additionally, unlike some cream formulas, blush oil isn't sticky or chalky. Our BYO Blush also isn't sheer though, so it won't just disappear on your skin. 

As Youthforia's founder Fiona Co Chan explains, because blush in oil format isn't obvious, dry oil formulas are awesome because they dry quickly without leaving a sticky residue. "Plant-based oils are great because they really nourish the skin, and cheeks are actually prone to being extra dry because they hit the wind first," she says. "It was important to use a base formula that nourished this part of the skin to give it a targeted solution."

What's Inside BYO Blush Oil?

In our BYO Blush Oil, you'll find a well-spring of skin-friendly ingredients, including 20 plant-derived, antioxidant-dense oils—like sunflower, avocado, and sweet almond—that help protect the skin from environmental stressors that we face on a daily basis. It also contains our proprietary Skin Chi Complex, which is made up of six botanical ingredients designed to help hydrate and soothe the skin, as well as promote blood circulation. They include mulberry, melon, bilberry, aloe, white willow, and prickly pear. 

What's the Best Way to Apply a Blush Oil?

While there's really no right or wrong way to apply blush oil, we recommend using our latex-free Bullet Sponge or angled Blush Brush because they make the process super easy and seamless. With our brush, which is made of wildly-soft synthetic hair, you can do a single swipe to achieve a contoured look—or blend using a soft sweeping motion for a softer, more diffused effect. 

Our soft, latex-free sponge is ideal for blending hard-to-reach spots and can be used damp or dry. With BYO, you can dab a dot or two directly on your cheeks with the applicator, and then blend it in upward patting motions using your sponge until you're happy with the finish. You can also dab a little blush oil on your eyelids, nose, forehead, and chin, to tie everything together. 

byo blush oil
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