How to Prevent Pilling

Pilling is the pesky beauty problem that can ruin your plans for a flawless glam, and we’re here to help you put a stop to it.

Is That What It’s Called?

Yes. Pilling is like the little balls of fluff that bundle up on your softest sweaters, develop on the surface of your face when makeup or skincare product and dead skin cells join forces, forming unwanted small balls and ultimately uneven texture.

Why Do Things Pill?

It could be that you’re not cleansing or exfoliating enough and there’s dead skin cells grasping onto your face where there shouldn’t be. Sometimes formulas don’t agree with each other, be it something with a D5 or silicone in it that attaches or pulls at other products easily or it can be a result of skin buildup. If you’re overusing products, pilling can occur as a result of these layers not meshing well together

It’s one of the reasons why we formulate makeup like skincare, because these two are inextricably linked. A good, consistent skincare routine and makeup products that treat your skin right are an efficient duo to keep pilling at bay and your application seamless.

How Do I Keep It Together and Smooth?

1. Use a non-silicone based primer

Silicone is one of those ingredients that texturally fights well above its weight. But for your skin health and the planet? Not worth that silky, grabby glide you’re used to. Especially when there’s better plant-based alternatives out there, solutions that don’t clog your pores. Pregame Primer is silicone and D5 free (a not so clean ingredient that often flies under the radar), instead we use a plant-based texture enhancer to create a light featherweight texture - for the ideal finish and protective base that softens, calms and soothes as at holds your makeup in place. 

2. Keep your canvas even

Regular exfoliation to keep your skin clear of buildup. We love a fruit enzyme or gentle AHA/BHA/PHA to soften any excess skin cells in your pores. 

3. Hydrate and nourish your skin

Post exfoliation? It’s time to replenish your skin so it can drink up the good after you’ve whisked away the not-so-great. Look for makeup that hydrates and conditions too, so you can lock in all the hard work your skincare routine is doing. Think of it like insurance!

4. Make sure your makeup formulas work well together

Not all makeup is made to work together - upsetting yes, but true nonetheless. Make sure you test your makeup’s compatibility before a big event as some formulas require a different tact to ensure the textures work cohesively together. Such as mixing your primer and foundation together to maintain color spread evenly where other formulas may require a separate application. Test before so you can blend with ease and minimize any surprise cakiness.

5. Less is more (much more)

Our philosophy when it comes to beauty is embracing intuition, the gut check of the beauty world. Do what makes you feel your best and glow the most, and if something isn’t serving you or your skin - it’s time to let it go. Multi-purpose products will always be top of the list for us.