Why Do I Need A Primer?

What Does A Primer Do?

The primer market is cluttered and there’s a lot of slippery, pore-clogging, glue-like options out there. So we formulated Pregrame Primer to be a primer that does it right. A lightweight radiant finish for just the right amount of glow. Light-reflecting pigments to diffuse flaws, SkinSave™ complex to soothe and improve the occurrence and appearance of skin irritation, bundled into one bio-based primer. A primer should protect your skin, from pollution, makeup and evaporation of your expensive skincare. It should provide the perfect canvas for your makeup, so everything blends together IRL and on camera. Your primer shouldn’t aggravate your skin and it should act as the defense for your skin.

What Finish Option Is Right For Me?

A radiant-finish sits between the slick, glossy finish of oil-based primers and the shine-less putty finish of most matte options. We made Pregame Primer radiant so your skin looked its best - but still looked like skin. A finish that wears beautifully throughout the day without the need for blotting papers to mop up extra (read: unwanted glow). 

Benefits of A Primer That Treats Your Skin (like ahem, Pregame Primer)

1. Protecting Your Skin

Crucial barrier-reinforcement to protect your skin from makeup ingredients and your makeup from your skin’s sebum. A dual-action master for better skin and even better photogenic proof of it.

2. Locking In Your Skin Care And Makeup

An emollient option will seal in your skincare investment. Stopping the ever-dreaded TEWL (that’s transepidermal water loss) and acting as a barrier reinforcement to stop makeup irritants invading that fine face of yours. 

3. Calming Irritation + Reinforcing Your Skin Barrier

Sure, we’re biased but SkinSave™ may just be the very best makeup ingredient we’ve ever discovered. Probably because it’s a skincare ingredient at heart. It works at the neurosensory level to calm your skin’s histamine response - the cause of redness or the appearance of inflammation. So not only will your skin chill out in the near term (say bye to itchy or inflamed skin) but it’ll actually work to modulate your histamine response over time - so things appear red less often. Backing up your moisture barrier and your skin’s defenses to really protect your skin like no other primer will.

4. Putting Your Best Face Forward

Funnily enough this is the very purpose of a makeup primer but Pregame Primer is more than just a prep step. Your base is guaranteed to look great thanks to the plant-based elastomers that flex to your skin’s texture. You’ll look radiant thanks to the no white-cast magic of light-reflecting pigments, delivering just the right amount of luminosity. And with Sebum Control Complex you won’t experience the dreaded color woes of oxidizing formulas, maintaining your perfect shade without compromise. Or in other words, it gets the job done and then some.