Treat Lip Wrinkles With These Three Ingredients

Because the skin around our pouts is thinner and we’re constantly using our mouths to drink, chew, talk, etc., lip wrinkles tend to appear as we age and start to lose more collagen. The good news? It’s totally possible to help prevent wrinkles and smooth existing lines in this area with the right skincare ingredients. In addition to sunscreen — which is a no-brainer that you should be using every single day to combat UV damage — ingredients that can help with lip wrinkles include hyaluronic acid and oils like rosehip, avocado, and castor.

Here, with insight from experts, we’ll be going over how each of the aforementioned oils work for the skin, and why we included them in our hydrating Dewy Glosses. 💦

But first, what even causes lip wrinkles? 

Put simply, lines on our lips pop up because we use our mouths — like, a lot. From talking to kissing to slurping water from a straw and making funny faces, our pouts are constantly moving, so it’s only natural that lines start to appear on our lips over time. Some people may notice fine lines begin to crop up in their late 30s and 40s, as this is when we  begin to lose more collagen, and in turn, our skin becomes thinner and less elastic. 


Skincare ingredients for lip wrinkles

Whether you’re looking to prevent lip lines from forming prematurely — or you simply want to smooth the appearance of existing wrinkles — there are various ingredients you can incorporate in your routine to help you do so. Today, we’re discussing three different oils: castor, avocado, and rosehip. 

1. Castor oil

Castor oil comes from cold pressing the castor plant, and it’s rich in fatty acids that help soften and hydrate the skin,” says board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. “It’s particularly concentrated in the mono unsaturated fatty acid ricinoleic acid, which has excellent humectant properties and helps to plump the lips.” We use castor oil in our Dewy Gloss because it not only gives it a silky, luxe texture, but because it’s also excellent for the skin. 

2. Avocado oil

“Besides a blend of fatty acids, avocado oil contains high concentrations of vitamin E, which is both a potent antioxidant and has emollient benefits to help soften and protect the lips,” says Zeichner. Board-certified dermatologist Adam Friedman adds that avocado oil is multifaceted in that it’s made up of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and fats. 

3. Rosehip oil

As Zeichner explains, rosehip oil contains a blend of fatty acids and antioxidant-rich vitamins A and C, which the skin loves. “It has soothing, hydrating, and protecting benefits for the skin and the lips,” he says.

Dewy Gloss for lip wrinkles

Don't get us wrong: If you already have deep lines on or around the perimeter of your lips, no skincare product is going to completely smooth them away. That being said, hydrating lip products like our Dewy Glosses can definitely help to soften the appearance of fine lines in this area due to its smoothing and plumping qualities. In addition to avocado, castor, and rosehip oils, Dewy Gloss also contains our proprietary Skin Chi Complex, which helps to nourish, protect, and promote blood circulation. The complex includes aloe, prickly pear, white willow, melon, mulberry, and bilberry. 

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