Why we decided to make Youthforia Pregame Primer - a daily protective primer

When I decided to make Pregame Primer, I was living in Hong Kong (where it was heavily polluted) - I learned that most women in Asia wear a primer everyday (even on no makeup days) to protect their skin from makeup ingredients or from pollution. So I wanted to make a product that you could wear everyday that would protect your skin.

Skin Reaction to Makeup

This is a picture of me reacting to makeup - I have extremely sensitive skin and I’ve gone to the hospital several times because of it. I wanted to make a product that would prevent this from ever happening again. This was my motivation for making this product.

Youthforia Pregame Primer Before and After

Now this picture is after a recent bout of hives. (Apparently I’m allergic to running.) I applied Pregame Primer and in minutes the redness resolved. Minutes more, the sensation was gone and I was less puffy. A validation of all the skincare actives and $$$ formula, because it works when it matters. 


We added a very expensive patented ingredient (Skin Save™) into our primer that works on your skin’s neurosensory level to stop the histamine response. In simpler terms, it stops all this redness and irritation. I cannot think of another primer that has this benefit.

The research behind this ingredient won me over. They’ve tested it on sunburns, intense cancer therapies, even jellyfish stings - so to have a skin-shield like that in a makeup product makes me so incredibly proud. A primer that puts skin first, minus any of the pore-clogging nonsense we’re used to in this category. 

There’s also a Mediterranean blend of patented (and powerhouse) ingredients that help protect against blue light and modern pollution. The combo of which can really tax your skin over time, the texture equivalent of tech neck. 


Luxury textures with clean ingredients are the goal and the standard for every product I make. It has to be so good for your skin that you can sleep in too. I love the idea of clean makeup, but it’s one of the few spaces where I think there aren't enough texture profiles, though we’ve found it to be entirely chemically possible with plant-based synthetics.  

I’m very specific in the texture profile that I like and I just didn’t see it in the clean makeup space. A lot of our cost and R&D goes into finding non fossil fuel based texturing ingredients. We love using micro molecules because they feel nice, and you get this second skin effect. This formula has elastomers, stretchy molecules which are exceptionally flexible. Stretching over texture and fine lines for a smooth finish, with or without makeup and no extra weight or cakeiness.

Because we add in skincare actives, it was initially hard to get the textures right. Our first versions came out more like a moisturizer or a cream rather than a lightweight sink-into-your-skin-stat sensation (p.s. if Youthforia ever comes out with skincare - some might come from our initial trials for primer and its gonna be really good!).

The final formula has a lightweight silky texture - like quicksand it just sinks into your skin. Something I played with extensively in development. And ultimately its what made me fall in love with this formula!

Not to mention it’s silicone free, 100% bio-based, fragrance free, cruelty free and clean. An everyday must to protect your skin, whatever you’re doing.

I can’t wait for you to try, tag me @fionacochan when you do!