Here's What Beauty Creators Love Most About Our Color-Changing BYO Blush

Perhaps this goes without saying, but the greatest part about creating Youthforia and our green color-changing BYO Blush oil has hands-down been all of the amazing feedback we've received — both from regular customers, as well as editors and beauty creators on Instagram and TikTok. It's been beyond exciting to see beauty lovers with all different skin tones share how much they love BYO and the unique pH-based formula that we worked so hard to create. So we thought: Why not share some of their beautiful testimonials here on the blog? After all, when deciding whether or not to buy a beauty product, it can definitely be super helpful to hear from fellow makeup enthusiasts who have already tried it. 

Now, without further ado, find out what these ultra-talented beauties have to say about BYO Blush.

Alex Edrozo, @alex.edso

alex edso

"In a world where millions of pollutants are being poured everywhere from our air, the ocean, the water we drink and food we eat, I’m so glad revolutionary brands like Youthforia are challenging the ideals of 'clean beauty' and redefining it.

I absolutely love the fact that youthforia uses plant-based and bio-based ingredients certified by USDA BioPreferred in coordination to decrease the use of fossil fuels. Youthforia is making the world beautiful, one pretty face at time. I'm also wearing Dewy Gloss in 3AM here!"

Pepper, @perfectedbypepper

perfected by pepper

"I'm Pepper,  your local makeup fairy from The Bronx, NY, and I can't stop wearing BYO Blush! It is the perfect addition to any look I do on myself or my clients. Being that I am a working makeup artist, I always take into account formulas when it comes down to my client kit. BYO blush is weightless on the skin, adds a healthy glow, and I know the color will be perfect on literally anyone!

Ever since I got my hands on this little baby it's been very hard to put it down! I cannot wait to see what future magic Youthforia has to come, because I know this is just the bright beginning! If you had any skepticism on getting BYO Blush, I hope this cleared it all up for you! Get it and thank me later!"

Priscila Hernandez, @pwiscila


"As a beauty and skincare creator, my go-to beauty products are ones that are simple, effective, innovative, and beautiful. I was so happy to find that BYO blush checked all those boxes for me, especially as a safe option that won't cause breakouts on my oily and acne-prone skin! It gives me a beautiful and natural sun-kissed flush that's buildable and easy to blend."

Marvel Maull,


"I’m so obsessed with the BYO Blush! It's perfect as a quick on the go blush! I secretly like to use it as my lipgloss too because of the perfect glossy finish it gives and how hydrating it feels."

Olive, @oliveskiesbeauty

olive skies beauty

"I love BYO blush! It’s my go-to product for myself and my clients! It’s super hydrating and turns the perfect color on everyone I put it on. I use it as the perfect glowy blush — and as a cute popsicle lip. "

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