9 Black Beauty Creators on BYO Blush + How It Works for Their Skin Tone

When creating Youthforia and BYO Blush, inclusivity was kept top of mind throughout the entire process — from start to finish. Knowing that those with deeper complexions can struggle to find blushes that work for their skin tone, it was especially important to Fiona to create a formula and color that showed up beautifully on melanin-rich skin. (She sent it back several times to ensure it was up to par.)

Since launching in April, we've thankfully amassed a well-spring of positive feedback from our amazing POC customers — with many of them calling BYO one of their favorite blushes ever. It hopefully goes without saying, but this means the world to us. 🥰🥺

Mushiness aside, because so many people are curious how BYO looks on dark skin tones, we went ahead and tapped a few stunning Black beauty creators for their personal insight on the color and formula. 

Without further ado, keep scrolling to see what these beauties have to say about BYO Blush.

Chelsey Cherry, @chelslaysss

Chelsey Cherry

"One of my all time faves! I love how it gives me a natural flushed look with a glow. Sometimes it can be hard to find a blush that’ll compliment my skin tone, but this one works every single time."

Yelly Ouattara, @y2klly

Yelly Ouattara

"This blush is beautiful believe the hype about it catering to your skins pH! With mine it turns to a pretty coral-orange tone with a luminous or dewy finish, and my clients love it as well. I like how it it’s not sticky and super lightweight."

 Britney Nnadi, @itsbeautybrit

Britney Nnadi "Having a deeper skin tone, it can be tricky to find a blush formula that gives a flattering and realistic finish. For me, a perfect blush is one that adds a natural warmth and vibrance to my look, and matches my undertones. I feel like the BYO Blush Oil does exactly that and more! It gives me the realistic look of cute, flushed cheeks with a dewy finish, which is usually hard for me to achieve on my skin tone using traditional blush products."

Briahna McNeil, @briahnamcneil 

Briahna McNeil"I love the BYOB and how luminous this blush is. It’s my perfect shade of pinky peach and it gives the most natural glow from within look." 

Oyin Olagbaju, @yinniethepoohh 

Oyin Olagbaju"The BYO blush is my go-to everyday blush for the quick and easy color it gives. I feel so put together with little product on my face which makes it perfect!”

Khadijah Pritchett, @dijahgrams

Khadijah Pritchett

"I was initially worried that a product like BYO Blush wouldn’t work with my skin tone, but it has quickly become my favorite blush and a staple in my everyday makeup routine. Besides being super safe for my skin, this product gives my complexion an effortless, natural glow that complements my warm undertones and keeps me looking glossy, dewy, and cute all day. BYO Blush is simply that girl." 

Shaqori Morris, @qorifaces 

Shaqori Morris"I absolutely love this blush; it morphes into the perfectttt shade of blush for my skin tone! Truly obsessed, and I literally don’t feel it at all." 

Jaylayah J, @jaylayahj

Jaylayah J

"As a POC, trying new makeup products is always followed with the same old question: 'Will this show up on me?' and it’s truly a struggle, even in 2021. I’m happy to say that when it came to the BYO blush, the answer to that question was YES! On my skin tone it adds a warm pink/orange flush that also adds a healthy glow."

Collette Grimes, @collette_grimes

collette grimes

"BYO Blush has to be my current favorite makeup product. It brings me so much joy to apply — growing up I could never find a blush for my skin tone and very quickly gave up on wearing blush altogether. Fast forward to Youthforia’s clean blush, now I wear blush every time I wear makeup whether is a simple look or full glam."