What Happened to Youthforia after Shark Tank?

Youthforia Shark Tank Pitch
Our pitch for Shark Tank was that at Youthforia, we create makeup you can sleep in. And we do that by formulating in a biobased way, meaning unlike other makeup products which may be vegan (but still use fossil fuels), we use plant based renewable ingredients which are great for the planet and good for your skin. In my pitch, I spoke about how we're best known for BYO Blush, the world's first color changing blush oil, and I demo'ed it for the Sharks - they loved it!

Youthforia Shark Tank Preparation
To prep for Shark Tank, I watched a ton of episodes of Shark Tank. I got a sense of what questions they'd ask and what types of deals each Shark is likely to do. Towards the end of my prep, I actually realized that I needed to prepare mentally - I knew all my numbers and all the hard facts about the company, but I was a ball of nerves throughout the few months that I had known Shark Tank could be a possibility.

The most fun part of Shark Tank prep for me was actually picking my outfit and picking my makeup. I wanted to wear something that "was a mix between pajamas and a power suit" and my outfit was perfect!

Youthforia On Set For Shark Tank
During the morning of filming, we were in charge of our own hair and makeup. So of course, I wore all of Youthforia products. It wasn't until I was in full makeup that I felt really confident. I've been pretty publicly about the fact that I've been developing a Youthforia Skin Tint Foundation and I thought that this would be the ultimate foundation wear test. I think I did my makeup at 9am and I ended up filming around 6pm, and my makeup did not move!

While I was waiting to film, I did everything I could to calm my nerves. I actually made a ton of TikToks because I aside from product development, I actually really love creating content.

Here's some of my TikToks from that morning:


@youthforia Wearing youthforia foundation in this - the ultimate wear test! I’m obsessed #foundationthatactslikeskincare #sleptinmakeup #makeupyoucansleepin #youthforia ♬ Why is this trending - Jaz <3



@youthforia Literally makeup looks so good #youthforia #makeupyoucansleepin #blushoil #startingabusiness #beautyfounder ♬ bound 2 - .

It's probably obvious from my facial expressions that morning, but I felt really confident because my makeup looked so good and I was really proud that I created products that worked so well!

Youthforia Shark Tank Deal

I went into the Shark Tank with the ask of $400,000 for 5% equity. In most of the negotiations, I was negotiation with Kevin, while all of the other Sharks starting going out one by one. In the end, Mark Cuban came back in and offered $400,000 for 8% equity - and I immediately accepted.

Everything went by really quickly- and watching it back, there are portions of this that I didn't even remember immediately after I left the tank. What's so incredible about Shark Tank is that truly anything can happen in the tank. Mark Cuban had never done a makeup deal before so I was really surprised when he came back in, but was really happy to get the opportunity to partner with him,

All the Products that Caught the Sharks Attention

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Shark Tank Bundle

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