Youthforia Takes a Dive Into the Shark Tank: Part 1

Youthforia Shark Tank Deal

How to get on Shark Tank
Not even a year into launching Youthforia, one day I woke up with a notification on my phone. Someone left a comment on one of my Tiktok videos saying, “You should go on Shark Tank.” I hadn’t seriously thought about Shark Tank before but I replied, “Next season of shark tank!! Let's manifest this 🦈

youthforia shark tank

Exactly two weeks later, I received an email from a producer of Shark Tank asking if I’d be interested in the application process. To be honest, I didn't think much of it, "Sure - why not? It's just an application, this could be cool." 

I’ve always been a huge fan of the show and I thought the application process couldn’t be that hard. As a matter of fact, the application process is really thorough and really long. I thought it was harder to write than my college applications.

At the time, we had only been around for a few months and our BYO Blush, the world’s first color changing blush oil, was just starting to pick up traction after going viral on Tiktok. But I had no idea what our business would look like or if it'd be suitable for Shark Tank.

Over the course of the next six months, we kept in touch with the Shark Tank producers. Every time we’d catch up, I’d update them on the little wins and milestones we’d hit. I always loved these catch up calls because (1) my producers were so fun and supportive and (2) it was amazing to verbalize how much the business was growing.

In a lot of ways, our Shark Tank producers got a behind the scenes view of seeing the business grow. Within that short timeframe, we had launched our bestselling Pregame Primer, we starting launching into more retailers and we were getting ready for nationwide distribution.

One day, I get an ominous email from the Shark Tank producers asking to jump on a call. The Shark Tank producers told me that they’d love for me to move to the next stage and to get ready to film in LA. 

My initial reactions are a mix of big emotions: I was extremely excited because “OMG! I get to go Shark Tank!” but also a huge sense of fear kicks in the pit of my stomach, “Oh no, I can’t do this … do I really want to do this?”

And to be honest, from the time I found out that I’d film to about a few minutes before I stepped into the Tank, my mind and body was oscillating between these two emotions.

Youthforia Shark Tank Preparation
To prepare for Shark Tank, I kept memorizing something I had in my notes app I labeled the Youthforia Shark Tank Pitch and watching a lot of episodes of Shark Tank to figure out what questions they’d likely ask.

In so many ways, I ended up learning a lot more about the business just simply because I was preparing for Shark Tank. We were in control of our own hair and makeup and I could not pass up the opportunity to wear all Youthforia products and products in development!

If you guys didn't already know, I've been working hard on a complexion product. The morning of filming, I went for a run to clear my nerves and I sat down and put on the Youthforia Skin Tint Foundation product I’ve been working on for years (it hasn't launched yet!).

I swear, it's something about the sensorial aspect of putting on a product that you've worked so hard on, that you believe in so much, that you're so proud of, that you know, will past the ultimate wear test of being in Shark Tank - that gave me another level of confidence. I told myself, "I am THAT Girl."

That morning, I filmed a little video for myself to look back on and I reminded myself, “Let’s have fun!”

To date, Shark Tank is one of the most fun experiences I've had while growing the brand. 

Youthforia Shark Tank Episode

You’ll have to tune in on Friday, March 3rd at 8pm EST/PST on ABC or to watch our episode on Shark Tank and find out if Youthforia got a deal with a Shark Tank!

Check back for Part 2 for What Happened to Youthforia After Shark Tank

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Shark Tank Bundle

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